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(All Location Added) Hunt The hearts Offer: Get 1.2GB 4G Data for Free

My Vodafone, “Hunt The Hearts” offer: Vodafone is offering free data of 1.2GB 3G/4G completely free for 28days. As this month is love season, so Vodafone is back with this fantastic offer for all the valentines as well as other people out there. All you need to do to avail this offer is play a straightforward and free game called “Hunt The Heart” on Vodafone.

Welcome to “Hunt The Hearts” Offer By My Vodafone App

My Vodafone App is the one and only destination that you need to go to manage all your Vodafone recharge options, bills and lot more. Along with this playing a small game for 10-15 mins would fetch you 100mb-1.2Gb data depending upon the number of hearts you find out. So, why not give it a try. After all, it’s all for free.

How to Play Hunt The Hearts Game

To play “Hunt the Hearts” game all you need to is follow the easy steps given below:

  1. Download and Install My Vodafone App
  2. Now login or register
  3. You would get to see the game on the front as soon as you launch the App
  4. Now swipe the pages and keep on doing so till you get all the eight hearts

Once you are avail to find out all eight hearts, you will be credited with your free 1.2 GB 3G/4G Data for 28Days.

hunt the hearts

Amount of Data Received Per heart

  • 100 MB 3G/4G Data on Hunting 1 Heart
  • 400 MB 3G/4G Data on Hunting 4 Heart
  • 1.2 GB 3G/4G Data on Hunting all 8 Heart

That’s kind of interesting as you keep on getting data while playing no matter you get one or all eight hearts in the game.

Hunt The Hearts Gifts Location

1. Tap on the Menu alternative from the upper left and select “Shop” choice and snap “Pursuit” tab and you will discover the envelope at the base right corner

2 . In the Home screen itself, you will see “Astonishing offers for you,” tap on it and at the lower right corner you will discover the envelope

3 . At the end of the day tap on the Menu alternative and select “Meandering” choice and choose “Inside India, ” and you will see the compartment on the base right-hand corner.

4. One is on the adjust exchange page.

5. Tap on the fundamentally alter page. Just tap on the adjust on the front page.

6. Tap on the web page. Just tap on the purchase information on the front page.

7.Click on the change to the 4g page.

8. Tap on the profile. Just tap on profile and tap on include account. There you can discover it.

How to Find 6th Heart in “Hunt The Heart” Game

Their no such trick so far to find 6th Heart. So keep on playing till you are there 🙂

How to Find 7th Heart in “Hunt The Heart” Game

Once you get the 6th heart, do keep on swiping continuously without stopping, and then you would get the heart by 10-15 mins for sure. This tricked worked for me, so I said you.

How to find 8th Heart in “Hunt The Heart” Game

Finding 8th heart would take some, but can be done easily with a trap, once you follow the above trick and get a 7th heart, do not play the game for one day. Play the game next day at any time between 9-11pm, and you would surely get the heart by Max 20 minutes.

And that’s it. Now am damn sure that you have learned how to avail the offer and play the game, “Hunt The Hearts”. Hope you liked the article and hoped this content helped you to unlock your free 1.2GB 3G/4G Data. If yes do share this post and comment below in the case of any feedback or queries.



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