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Keeping Score of Your Health and Nutrition

Summer brings lots of free time for some teens.  Too young to work and grateful to have time off from school, many gleefully sit around playing video games for hours on end.  And while they may be racking up points and beating the high score of a pal an ocean away, at home their parents may wonder how they can be sure their youngsters are receiving the proper nutrition and getting active exercise.  You’ve taught them how important a balanced diet is.  You’ve planted veggies in the yard, limited the number of snacks in the pantry and kept lots of fresh fruit on hand, yet they make the same request when asked what they’d like while you’re out.  Burger, fries and a shake. Your concern is understandable given that many experts say video games may be good for hand/eye coordination and team building skills, but they get low points on encouraging activity.


That’s why searching Groupon for deals on supplements from Vitacost can make a big difference in the well-being of your family.  They stock the highest quality vitamins, supplements, snacks and sports drinks so there’s something that will appeal to your game when they pry themselves away from the console.   They stock a category for fitness and endurance as well as specialty categories like gluten free, shellfish free, tree nut free and peanut free for those who must avoid those foods because of adverse reactions and dangerous side effects.  And when you add the money saving power of a Groupon code, it gets even better.  You can save 20% off, 50% of with BOGO deals, and even more on last chance clearance items.   Plus, there are codes and specials you unlock that will earn even more savings and free shipping with qualifying purchase.


And parents, there’s plenty for you, too.  Vitacost offers a complete range of tablets, capsules, powders, and bars to encourage taking your supplements consistently so you see the best results.  Working and caring for a family in today’s stress filled world can tax the healthiest individual.  Vitacost stands by their products and is dedicated to bringing you only top quality, tested and approved ingredients you can count on.  If you’re concerned about the money you spend on vitamins and supplements for your family’s need, check out Vitacost and use Groupon to make a purchase today.

Updated: July 29, 2017 — 10:06 pm

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